Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

  • 2013 Tesla Model S, in July 2017   [photo: David Noland]

    It was time to let her go. She is my 2013 Tesla Model S, serial number 003662, in dark green, now with 76,000 memorable miles. The best car I’ve ever owned, by far. She had taken me to 33 states and roughly 100 Superchargers, through deserts, mountains, and tropics, with total reliability, and always with style and flair. DON'T MISS: Life with Tesla Model S: out with the old, in with the new Not once in four-plus years did I look out my windshield and say to myself, “I’d rather be driving that car instead of this one." Until the Tesla Model S 100D was introduced, that is...

  • Tesla Store Los Angeles [photo: Misha Bruk / MBH Architects]
    Used Tesla Electric Cars: Certified Previously Owned (CPO) Program Coming, Company Confirms

    Historically, auto dealerships have made as much or more money selling used cars as new ones. Since electric-car maker Tesla Motors doesn't have dealerships, but sells cars online directly to buyers, that has left the supply of used Teslas solely to individual owners who may want to sell. Now...

  • 2011 Nissan Leaf
    Nissan Leaf Electric Car Added To Certified Used Program

    Electric cars have been on sale almost three years now, which means that some of them are starting to show up on used-car lots. To alleviate concern over the unknown future life of a used electric car, Nissan has now added its Leaf to the company's Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles program. Starting...

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