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Cargo Space

  • Electric car cargo space challenge with banana boxes

    Ensuring electric cars fit the needs of their owners is a requirement for boosting electric-vehicle sales. Adequate cargo space for an owner is necessary no matter what kind of car is being considered. Now, in one handy video, YouTuber Bjorn Nyquist has shown just how much cargo space is provided by a handful of popular electric cars on the market today. Using banana boxes as a standard unit of measurement, the test's competitors included a BMW i3, Hyundai Ioniq Electric, Kia Soul EV, first-generation Nissan Leaf, and a Tesla Model X. DON'T MISS: How Much Space IS There Inside A 2012 Tesla...

  • 2012 Tesla Model S beta vehicle, Fremont, CA, October 2011
    How Much Space IS There Inside A 2012 Tesla Model S Anyway?

    It can be hard to work out which cars the 2012 Tesla Model S electric sport sedan competes with. Would it be largest German luxury sedans, which it roughly matches in price with the longest (265-mile) range and the introductory limited-edition Signature Series models? If so, those would be the...

  • 2013 MINI Clubvan
    2013 MINI Clubvan, Its First Truck, To Arrive This Fall

    Anyone who's traveled overseas has seen the small car-based commercial vehicles common in the crowded cities of Europe and Asia. While U.S. workmen may use full-size Ford or Chevy vans, their European counterparts use smaller vans (and pickups too) based on compact or even subcompact models. But...

  • 2011 Nissan Leaf, Nashville, October 2010
    Best Electric-Car Cargo Space: 2012 Nissan Leaf, 2012 Toyota Plug-in Prius

    When you’re researching your next new car it’s likely that you research not one but many different cars, comparing them on everything from fuel economy and features to reliability and interior space. Electric and plug-in hybrid cars are no different -- but the practicalities of cargo...

  • THINK N1 electric delivery van
    Why Didn't We THINK Of It Before? EV Spawns Delivery Van

    Car-derived vans are big business in Europe. Pick a subcompact at random and chances are there will be a light delivery van variant. Usually fitted with economical diesel engines, the small size and high economy suits small businesses down to the ground. Electric delivery vehicles have been...

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