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Does The Tesla Model S Electric Car Pollute More Than An SUV?

Does The Tesla Model S Electric Car Pollute More Than An SUV?

Does the supposedly clean, green Tesla Model S really pollute more than a gas-guzzling Jeep Grand Cherokee sport-utility vehicle? That's what one analyst has claimed. In an exhaustive 6,500-word article on the financial website Seeking Alpha, analyst Nathan Weiss lays out a case that the Model S... read more

May 31, 2013 by - 126
Gas Pump With Boot

EPA Moves To Cut Sulfur In Gasoline, Reducing Emissions Further

"Cleaner cars need cleaner fuels"--that's the message from a group of automakers in support of new EPA rules to clean up gasoline. The Environmental Protection Agency will... read more March 29, 2013 by 4

Southern California traffic - by flickr user David R. Blume

Confirmed: Traffic Pollution Can Cause Asthma In Kids (Not Just Trigger It)

It's long been suspected, but a new European survey confirms it: Children living near areas of heavy traffic are more at risk of asthma. Previously, it was thought that... read more March 22, 2013 by 8

Audi Q3 Trans China Tour 2011

China Imposes Much Tougher Fuel-Efficiency Standards On New Cars

China's ongoing and recent air pollution issues are leading to swift rethinking of the country's transport policy. After several months of choking smog engulfing its major... read more March 22, 2013 by 4

BYD e6 electric taxi in service in Shenzhen, China

Despite Pollution, China Still Isn't Committed To Electric Cars

The images have made for grim viewing even if you don't live within the frame: Pictures and details emerging from China earlier this year showed smog on levels not previously... read more March 10, 2013 by 9

Beijing Smog by Flickr user michaelhenley

Beijing Says 'Enough!': City To Scrap 180K Polluting Cars

Recent pollution figures in Chinese capital Beijing have made 1970s Los Angeles look like a crisp day in the Rocky Mountains. The city, like Hong Kong last month, has finally... read more January 30, 2013 by 14

Smog in Hong Kong [Image by Flickr user inkelv1122]

Hong Kong, Choked By Smog, Bans Most Polluting Vehicles

Choked by smog, the city of Hong Kong has finally cried "enough!" Despite setting clean air targets, the city's smog problems have been increasing every year, and authorities... read more December 21, 2012 by 2

Citroen DS

France To Ban Classic Cars From Capital To Clean The Air

For some, the image of a classic Citroën DS passing along the Champs-Élysées couldn't be much more French if a man in a stripy top and beret walked past... read more November 14, 2012 by 5

Beijing smog

Alcoa Building-Exterior Panels 'Eat' Smog From (A Few) Cars

Pittsburgh-based aluminum giant Alcoa has developed a new coating for its aluminum building panels that passively sucks in airborne pollutants and transforms them into... read more May 1, 2012 by 0


Coloradans: Donate An Old Polluting Car, Get A Tree Planted

While it's not quite the 2009 Cash for Clunkers program, it's a nice gesture with a clear mission: get the most polluting cars off Colorado roads. If you're a Coloradan who... read more April 12, 2012 by 1

Beijing smog

Big Emissions Gain: Cleaning Up Dirtiest Third-World Diesels

In asking developing world countries to clean up their act when it comes to reducing automobile emissions, it's easy to sound hypocritical. A new climate change initiative... read more February 20, 2012 by 3

Exhaust tips

To Idle Or Not To Idle? What's Best For Car, Gas Mileage?

There are two kinds of traffic, neither of which is particularly pleasant. The first is moving traffic. It's slow, tedious, and something many of us are unable to avoid on... read more January 24, 2012 by 3

Smog in New York City

A Brief History Of Smog, Which Led To Electric Cars: Recommended Reading

Daniel Yergin is one of those authors who writes major works. His Pulitzer Prize-winning The Prize is nothing less than the definitive history of the rise of the petroleum... read more December 19, 2011 by 2

Greenpeace Stormtroopers protest against VW

What Do Greenpeace, Star Wars And Volkswagen Have In Common?

You'll no doubt have heard of Greenpeace. The high-profile, occasionally militant green organization very much believes in action over words when it comes to coercing... read more December 12, 2011 by 2

Smog in New York City

Nissan Exec Calls Electric Leaf Pollution "Bull"

We all know that electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions, but the claim that electric cars move the pollution from the tailpipe to the power station chimney has long been... read more December 6, 2011 by 10

Beijing Smog by Flickr user michaelhenley

Live Near It Or Sit In It: Traffic May Cause Brain Damage

There's no doubt that car manufacturers have worked incredibly hard over the past few decades to make their cars cleaner than ever. Modern cars produce a fraction of the... read more November 9, 2011 by 0



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