2013 Zero S

  • 2013 Zero S Electric Motorcycle

    As any parent will tell you, watching children grow up and mature is a powerful, life-changing experience. We’re not sure the same can be said watching a car or a motorcycle grow and evolve from one generation to the next--but if the 2013 Zero S were to have parents, we think they’d be proud. Zero Motorcycles--based in Scotts Valley, California--was founded in 2006 by former NASA engineer Neal Saiki to produce competition-ready electric dirt bikes. After a few years of making a stir in the motocross arena, Zero decided to bring its expertise into the world of road-legal...

  • 2013 Zero Electric Motorcycle Lineup
    2013 Zero Electric Motorcycles: Bigger, Badder, Faster

    If you’re a fan of electric motorcycles, you’ll know that Californian-based Zero Motorcycles likes to update its range of all-electric motorcycles one a year. And, unlike many automakers and motorcycle companies, that means more than just a few new paint options and handlebar tweaks. In...

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