2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

  • Smart 'Forjeremy' Electric Drive art car

    It isn't unknown for Smart to unveil an unusual concept car every now and then--the For-US pickup would be a good example. But thanks to fashion designer Jeremy Scott, Smart has unveiled probably its oddest vehicle yet. Based on the current Fortwo Electric Drive model, it isn't hard to see what makes the car so bizzarre--where normally the car would end abruptly, instead the 'forjeremy' has sprouted wings. The worlds of fashion and automobiles have collided before with varying results, but few have stood out so much as the be-winged Smart. Hand-formed The wings are made of fiberglass, and...

  • 2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive (European version)
    2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Production Starts, Due Q4, 2012

    Earlier this week, Daimler started production of the 2013 Smart ForTwo electric drive at its Hamback, facility in France. The third-generation all-electric Smart ForTwo, the 2013 model is the first electric Smart that will be sold as well as leased. Unlike previous versions, which we felt were...

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