Trump threatens some very high tariffs against Chinese cars made in Mexico. Mercedes-Benz considers a solar roof on EVs. We drive the revamped VW ID.4. And is there a generational gap in EV interest? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

A first drive of the 2024 Volkswagen ID.4, with a vastly better infotainment interface and a little more acceleration punch complementing an otherwise already great set of attributes, showed us that the ID.4 is now the opening act for trendier VW EVs that it was originally supposed to be. 

Former President Donald Trump said that he will apply a tariff of 100% to cars made in Mexico by Chinese companies for U.S.-market sale, he said in a campaign speech Saturday. Trump also appeared again to deride electric vehicles as short on range and too expensive. 

In a new Saudi Arabian desert EV range and efficiency run of its EQXX design and engineering concept, Mercedes-Benz has shown substantial gains not just from the use of a next-generation heat pump but also from a solar roof—a sign there may be hope after all for the feature in future models from the luxury brand. 

And is there a generational gap in EV interest? As new data from Experian has shown, Gen X and Millennials buy the most EVs—at a time when Baby Boomers dominate policy.


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