Scout starts building its EV manufacturing home. Many Americans still have no experience with EVs. And how much more than MSRP would you pay for a Kia EV9? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Kia dealers are at it again, marking up the EV9 electric SUV by $7,000 or more, despite efforts from Kia to reel in price gouging earlier in the year. With EV9 production due to ramp up at higher rates in Georgia, and some dealerships sticking to MSRP, there is hope of getting one for its proper price soon. 

EV interest increases with EV experience. That’s among the findings of a recent Consumer Reports survey asking American consumers about considering electric vehicles—underscoring that a lack of EV experience may be holding back adoption. It also underscored that environmentalism is top-of-mind for relatively few American consumers. 

And VW’s Scout Motors electric truck brand has broken ground on a $2 billion plant in South Carolina that could eventually make 200,000 EVs annually. The modern Scout lineup will include both electric pickups and SUVs, although technology and platform details haven’t yet been disclosed.


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