Honda waits on affordable small EVs until very late in the decade. The Ioniq 6 is cheaper than the Model 3. Rivian aims to halve its EVs carbon footprint. And yes, EVs will drive electricity cost down. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Honda still has no affordable, mass-market EV—an equivalent to the Civic, you might say. Based on remarks from Honda’s global CEO, that’s not coming soon—or an Accord EV or Odyssey EV—but solid-state batteries may enable an affordable small Honda EV by 2030.

With $7,500 of “retail bonus cash”—a rebate on purchases, not leases–the 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 is much cheaper than the Tesla Model 3. Looking at the latest “Highland” Model 3, as priced last week, it undercuts the Tesla by $9,000

A recent “study of studies” by an energy-policy advocacy organization, the ACEEE, finds that a shift to EVs will drive the cost of electricity down over the long term. That’s partly because once more people are charging EV on the grid, they’re making better use of it. 

And in Rivian’s new environmental impact report, it underscores that it’s aiming for EVs with half the carbon footprint, on a lifecycle basis, by 2030.


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