EV ownership can save many thousands, but it depends where you live. Some Tesla range ratings get adjusted down. And an EV range of nearly 300 miles—or higher—is no longer the outlier. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Several Tesla range ratings have dropped, with lower numbers posting on Tesla’s product-information and build pages late last week with no explanation as to why. The Tesla Model Y lost 20 miles, while downward adjustments also affect the Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid. 

How much money will EV ownership save versus ownership of a gasoline vehicle? As University of Michigan researchers recently highlighted, it depends on where you live. Looking at 14 different U.S. cities, finding a path for cost parity and savings depends on the region—and in some regions charging at home itself will save EV drivers an extra $10,000 over the life of the vehicle.

And as the Department of Energy pointed out last week among U.S. vehicles from the 2023 model year, 270 miles of range was the midpoint for EVs. The last two model years especially have brought a bevy of long-range EVs; will EV range keep trending upward?


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