Ferrari is working on its own in-wheel motor design for EVs. How will that old Leaf or Prius pack go toward a new American-made EV? And what are Honda’s hydrogen plans other than a CR-V Fuel Cell? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Honda has provided a few more details regarding its next-generation fuel-cell modules set for the U.S.-made CR-V Fuel Cell starting next year—and indicated that fuel-cell products for Europe may be a bigger part of the company’s hydrogen plans this time around. 

Recent patent filings suggest that Ferrari in-wheel motors may be in the works. Although not the axial-flux design the automakers has been working on, these radial-flux motors, packaged together with brake components, could be a possibility for future performance EVs. 

And how will that old Prius help build new EVs? Redwood Materials has on-the-ground plans for making sure a high rate of hybrid and EV battery packs get recycled into materials that can build new EVs. And a portal with U.S. automotive dismantlers is the start of an effort to truly ramp up the recovery effort nationwide. 


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