Tesla owners are very loyal to the brand. Thinner battery packs and solid-state tech are in the future for Toyota EVs. And California is looking to subsidize fast-chargers for low-income communities. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Despite its relatively few EVs available now, Toyota has big plans to make several big developments in battery tech the core of its upcoming EVs. In an update this week, Toyota laid out the timeline for solid-state batteries, and emphasized that to maximize range and efficiency in future EVs, battery packs will be thinner. 

California this week announced the opening of a $38 million program to subsidize EV fast-chargers for disadvantaged communities. This helps coordinate with the state’s moves to revamp EV incentives themselves toward low-income drivers.  

And a recent owner study has found that Tesla loyalty remains very strong, while Rivian and Lucid are among the brands luring owners away. The Model Y also lacks a companion model to step up to, it found—although recent price cuts to the Model X and the pending arrival of the Cybertruck may change that.


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