A charging route could help the Tesla Semi and other big electric trucks get from Mexico up to Northern California. The Model 3 and Model Y are under investigation for a potential steering issue. And is Tesla preparing to offer wireless charging on some of its models? This and more in this very Tesla news roundup here at Green Car Reports. 

Earlier this year Tesla teased wireless charging for some of its vehicles. Will the acquisition of a German company specializing in the tech spur Tesla home wireless charging units, or is it oriented toward industrial applications or the Optimus Tesla robot?

Tesla also seeks nearly $100 million of federal money for a heavy-duty electric truck charging route that would run from the Texas-Mexico border (near where Tesla has a plant) up to Fremont, California, with eight 750-kw chargers along the way. Stations would include high-power NACS connectors for the Tesla Semi plus connectors compatible with other trucks—likely the MCS format formalized last summer.

And the federal government has opened an investigation into loss of steering control in the 2023 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, citing one crash associated with the alleged steering issue—which appears to be accompanied by warnings that steering assist is reduced or disabled.


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