Toyota is looking to add more than engine sounds to its electric sports car. The Tesla Model Y outsold all but the F-150. And why aren’t EV brake lights more consistent under brake regen? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Full-size pickups aside, the Tesla Model Y topped the sales charts in the U.S. for the earlier part of this year, outselling a long list of other bestsellers. Why are Teslas still not a common site on U.S. roads then? Simply put, it takes a long time for the fleet to turn over. 

Will the brake lights illuminate when you lift off the accelerator in one of your EV’s more aggressive modes of regenerative braking? The short answer, underscored with a recent look from Consumer Reports, is merely maybe. Don’t count on EV brake lights if you’re not pressing on the brake pedal. 

And according to a recent report, Toyota is considering engine sounds for an upcoming electric sports car—as well as a manual gearbox and even behavior mimicking stalling. Is replicating the internal combustion experience necessary for a sports car, or is it possible to make a rewarding one that embraces electric propulsion?


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