California clamps down on replacement tire efficiency. Rivian thinks about charging stations fanning hot electric truck batteries as they charge. And Lordstown Motors is recalling the Endurance over a propulsion issue. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Lordstown Motors has paused production on the Endurance electric truck due to “performance and quality issues.” Although the company didn’t disclose what those are, it says that it’s filed paperwork to recall 19 of the trucks due to an issue that could lead to loss of propulsion while driving. 

Rivian is thinking about having some of its DC fast-charger stations funnel cool air under trucks while they’re plugged in, for faster charging. That might reduce the need for some oversized onboard cooling components that are used only in charging; but it sounds like an inefficient use of energy from the grid.

And California is considering minimum efficiency standards for replacement tires, helping assure that hybrids and EVs originally sold with efficiency-focused rubber get the equivalent as replacements. It could save a lot of money and emissions over the vehicles’ lifetimes, the state says.


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