Subaru shows some racy-looking EVs. More EVs on the market last year meant the median EPA range dropped somewhat. And is profitability possible for EV fast-charging by the middle of the decade? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

An executive at BP claims, according to Reuters, that on a margin basis electric-vehicle fast-charging is nearing the levels seen at gas pumps. Could fast-charging be profitable to the big multinational energy company by later in the decade?

Subaru isn’t dropping its performance variants in the electric age, the brand hinted on Friday, with the debut of both a roadgoing electric race car and a sporty Solterra STI. For now, the racier-looking Solterra is only for looks, but it’s an indication Subaru is thinking about how to step up the performance of its upcoming EV. 

Although there were more long-range EVs than ever before in 2021, rising to the 405-mile maximum for the year, the median EV range actually dropped last year. That’s because of the number of new entries that arrived.

And over the weekend we looked back at a retro review from MotorWeek—using the 1987 Pontiac Pursuit prototype to muse about what cars would be like in the year 2000. Turns out this model, which preceded the GM EV1 in some respects, got a lot of things right—although the steering-wheel yoke even today remains short of mainstream acceptance.


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