Audi has big plans for mobility services, not just EVs. Tesla is seeking to sell electricity where it can’t sell its cars yet. Rivian is planning an IPO. And what's behind the retro charm of the Alpha Wolf? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Tesla is reportedly making a move toward becoming a “retail electric provider.” Although it’s not yet clear what exactly that means for Texas customers, with the utilities commission moving far faster than the state legislature on franchise laws, it’s entirely possible that Texans might be able to buy electricity from Tesla but not the vehicles themselves

Audi announced last week that as a part of a new software-and-mobility strategy, "Vorsprung 2030," it hopes to attract more revenue out of the cars it makes through mobility services. Those cars, as the brand has already revealed, will be exceedingly focused on all-electric, with new-model launches only-EV starting in 2026 and an end to its sales of internal-combustion models in 2033. 

The company behind the very tantalizing Alpha Wolf electric truck concept, hasn’t revealed much about how it plans to develop, manufacture, and bring its EVs to market by late 2023. The concept itself is currently at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

And in case you missed it on Friday, the electric truck maker Rivian confirmed that it’s filing for an IPO. At its reported target about $80 billion, it would be 350 times Tesla’s IPO valuation; however, to put it a different way, that’s a small fraction of Tesla’s $700 billion valuation.


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