Rivian is homing in on Texas. Nissan is reportedly considering a small electric pickup. Audi points to its design future with an EV concept. And is tailpipe emissions associated with Alzheimer’s? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Audi on Tuesday revealed a Skysphere electric sports car concept that shows how autonomous driving modes could enable a lot more flexibility in the future. The grand touring EV contains some hints of Audi’s design future but harks back to 1930s Art Deco influences and German cars of the era for inspiration. 

Nissan is reportedly considering a compact pickup truck—even better, a fully electric compact pickup—for the U.S. market. Could Nissan recapture some of its Hardbody truck character with such a model?

The fine particulate matter pollution that comes from tailpipes and combustion isn’t just linked to cardiovascular issues. A University of Washington study has found an association between this type of air pollution and higher rates of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s perhaps more of a motivation to shift to electric as swiftly as possible. 

And Rivian is reportedly targeting Texas for its second electric truck factory. Fort Worth has emerged at the top of the list for the electric truck maker—although there’s that little detail about Tesla and Rivian unable to officially sell their vehicles in the Lone Star state. 


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