Americans want more renewable energy but there’s a strong partisan divide—just as the Biden administration might have to face a bipartisan “compromise” that reportedly strips some of that out of an infrastructure plan. Another Tesla Model 3 is set to tackle Pikes Peak. And Fisker says its Ocean EV is getting more power. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Evasive Motorsports is no stranger to Pikes Peak. And so it’s noteworthy that this tuner is instead turning its efforts to something all-electric for the famous hill climb this year: a specially modified Tesla Model 3

Fisker has confirmed a long-term manufacturing deal with the automotive supplier Magna, and it’s revealed that with the adoption of Magna’s platform its Ocean EV will get “drastically increased power” and a unique clutch. We’re not sure yet if that means coasting and efficiency or a special recipe for all-wheel traction. 

According to a couple of recent Pew polls, Americans want more renewable energy, especially solar, and see EVs as better for the environment. Although support of both from Republicans has dropped sharply this past year—in favor of what other option remains unclear. 

Is the renewable energy emphasis getting thrown to the wayside in a bipartisan infrastructure “compromise”? It’s looking increasingly likely, as some environmental groups and politicians are saying “no climate, no deal.”


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