Mazda makes its rotary range-extended MX-30 official for the U.S. Microplastic pollution from tires is a serious environmental issue. And Europe is thinking about revoking some of the green halo from plug-in hybrids. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Mazda has confirmed that it’s bringing its MX-30 EV to the U.S.—first as a battery-electric for California, then as a range-extended EV. But with an approach that keeps the batteries small and will soon look to the return of the rotary engine as a range extender, The Japanese automaker's strategy is far from mainstream and that’s what makes this vehicle so intriguing.

With EV adoption in Europe on pace but reasons to question whether some of the plug-in hybrids on the market are a step forward, the EU is considering tightening up some of its rules that encourage plug-in hybrids—and automakers might within a few years no longer be able to call them “sustainable investments.”

Not all vehicle emissions come from tailpipes, or from fuel and energy production. Quite a lot of it is in the form of fine microplastic waste from tires, and it’s more likely to become airborne in arid, open areas like the American West. 

And over at Motor Authority: Apple is reportedly close to picking LG and Magna for its car project. But be forewarned, this is based on the latest of several such reports from South Korea in recent months that have fizzled. 


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