India has a new domestic-brand electric vehicle on the way. The Polestar 2 electric car is priced for Europe, and we have a few more details about its Performance Pack. Commute times surge. And Spain claims what might be the speediest fast charger for cars—if only there were a car that could use it at its potential. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. 

American commute times reached another record high in 2018. Although our cars might have become cleaner and more efficient, it’s a dark cloud that hangs over those gains. 

Polestar, the electric-car brand that taps into resources from Volvo and Geely, has announced European pricing for its upcoming Polestar 2, which is shaping up to be the closest potential rival to the Tesla Model 3 yet. It’s also revealed pricing and more details regarding the Polestar 2 Performance Pack version

India will soon have a home-grown affordable electric car: the Tata Nexon EV. With the same parent company as Jaguar and, likely, some technology-sharing between the companies, it could mean serious competition for other brands setting India as the next big market for electric vehicles. 

Spain has hardly been a hub for DC fast charging and electric vehicles, however a charging network there is claiming the highest-power DC charging station—intended for cars and passenger vehicles—anywhere in Europe. 

And Waymo is laying out the foundation for sending its self-driving cars out to the busy streets of Los Angeles—by having human drivers map out the streets of some portions of the city. 







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