The Honda Fit is getting a hybrid version, but not in the U.S. Several big companies are electrifying their heavy trucks in California. Going driverless might not mean cutting pollution or congestion. And We run through the most important electric cars of 2020. This and more here at Green Car Reports

A study has found that driverless cars could increase traffic dramatically in Europe—and make climate goals “all but impossible to achieve.”

The Honda Fit is soon getting the company’s two-motor hybrid system—like the Accord, Insight, and upcoming CR-V. But don’t plan on this model to come to the U.S. 

Anheuser-Busch and Frito-Lay are expanding plans for electric trucks and sustainable transport of your chips and beer. Both are collaborations with California aimed at cleaning up the air and reducing carbon emissions. 

Over at Motor Authority we bring you our first drive of the 2020 Audi A8 plug-in hybrid, a model that represents some conflicting priorities as the brand shuffles between its flagship luxury car’s deep-rooted identity and the brand’s fully electric direction. 

And we've rounded up the most important electric cars for 2020. Let us know what you think—and what you think we missed. 


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