Tesla trims down its Model S and X lineup, and CEO Elon Musk reveals when older cars could get the new full self-driving chip. The Trump administration acts to freeze fines for fuel-economy violations. And our latest Twitter poll asks whether readers see value in solar panels on a next vehicle. All this and more on Green Car Reports

Following the latest cut in the federal tax credit for its models, Tesla again revamped its model lineup to drop base models, raise base prices, and cut prices on models with more features. It also has a new standard color.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce that the new Full Self-Driving chip it promised owners in April will be ready for existing owners at the end of the year. 

NHTSA reversed course on a planned increase in fines for automakers who don't meet fuel economy targets, releasing a new rule that will freeze the fines at the level they've been since 1997.

Our latest Twitter poll asks our readers and followers whether they would see covering electric cars in solar panels as value added.

And yesterday, we reported on how a new startup company, SparkCharge, has developed a portable DC fast charger and modular external battery packs that can give a quick charge to electric cars at a rate of 1 mile per minute. It's the equivalent of a portable gas can for electric cars.

American taxpayers aren't the only ones giving a lift to their domestic auto industries. The UK government just announced a round of 500 million pounds ($626 million) in loan guarantees to support Jaguar Land Rover's electric car development

Finally, despite its massive push into electric cars that don't need transmissions—and its announcement that its last gas engines are already under development—Volkswagen is making a new commitment to manual transmissions. It just released an all-new unit. 


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