VW reintroduces the I.D. Buzz cargo van at the LA Auto Show. British Columbia plans to ban gas and diesel engines. How the media may have popped plug-in hybrids' balloon. And we ask what your favorite cars are from the LA Auto Show. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Volkswagen brought a new version of its concept electric cargo bus, the I.D. Cargo Buzz, to Los Angeles, complete with solar panels and a new self-driving system.

Add British Columbia to the list of provinces, countries, states, and cities planning to ban internal combustion engines. The Canadian province plans to set minimum sales quotas for zero-emissions cars starting in 2025 and reaching 100 percent in 2040.

When it comes to selling new technology, terminology matters. We look at how the media may have gotten it wrong with plug-in hybrids.

Our Twitter poll this week asks readers which car they're most excited to learn more about from the LA Auto Show.

Porsche added a tiny bit more detail about the 800-volt charging system in its upcoming electric Taycan. It says the car can add 62 miles of charge in 4 minutes.

Finally, a new report shows that Uber eliminated a second backup driver from its self-driving test cars leading up to a crash that killed a pedestrian in Phoenix, Arizona, in March. 


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