As part of an SEC settlement, Tesla needs to find a new chairman to replace Elon Musk, as he steps aside from that post but stays on as chief executive officer.

That new chairman is to be an independent board member and not someone tied to Musk.

When Musk was asked, in yesterday's financial call, about what attributes he thinks would be best for Tesla in a new chairperson, he dodged an answer, saying that he was restricted to “operational topics.”

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In recent weeks, speculation has erupted over who might replace him. Media reports, some of them claiming sources from within the ongoing discussions, have singled out James Murdoch, the businessman and son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, as the lead candidate for the job.

But there’s at least one other potential candidate, as well as some wild-card possibilities.

So last week, our question for you, our Green Car Reports Twitter followers, was, “Who should lead Tesla's board after Musk steps down?”

The top choice of the four was Al Gore. Although his name hasn’t been seriously floated for the job as far as we’re aware, many of you believe that this former Vice President, environmentalist, vegan, and green-tech investor would be a good voice of reason for Tesla’s board.

In a close second place was the response “anybody from outside.”

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Just 6 percent of respondents showed confidence in James Murdoch to lead the board; private-equity boss Antonio Gracias, a friend of Musk who’s been called “Elon’s handler,” didn’t fare that much better, with 13 percent.

To go back and combine those top two results, a decisive 81 percent of respondents—fully four out of five—believe that Tesla’s board should be led by someone who’s not currently on Tesla’s board.

Do Tesla’s reported profit for the third quarter and Musk’s recent best behavior change your mind? Maybe we’ll save that for an upcoming poll.