If you have a strong position regarding the EPA's proposal to freeze fuel economy standards at 2020 levels through 2026, speak out. Tomorrow is the deadline for making public comments that are part of the legal record. 

A zinc-air battery project is backed by a big name and claims to have achieved the $100/kwh cost barrier and plans to find its way into vehicles soon. But so far it's short on details regarding how it has achieved that.

BMW, one of the electric-vehicle leaders, is also facing something of a reality check in the rollout of EVs. A top executive recently said that 85 percent of the automakers vehicles will still have an internal combustion engine in 2030.

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Over the weekend we published a reader success story: Here's how one electric-vehicle enthusiast turned a parking ticket into an opportunity to increase a public authority's awareness about EVs. 

At the same time Tesla introduced its Model 3 Mid Range late last week, it removed its Full Self-Driving option from its configurator for all models—due, as chief executive officer Elon Musk put it, to "too much confusion" over the not-yet-enabled feature, which was announced two years ago.

The 2019 Toyota Prius gets a new trim and pricing structure; what used to be called Prius Two Eco will be renamed Prius L Eco and be the base model for the lineup.

And Ford teased just a glimpse of what's likely the upcoming Mustang hybrid. With Mach 1 reportedly off the table for the brand's upcoming electric SUV, will it appear on the electrified 'Stang?


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