We review the 2019 Honda Insight and put the manufacturer's fuel-economy claims to the test. The NHTSA has banned Autopilot Buddy. Colorado plans to join the 13 California emissions states. And we take another look at the 2019 Insight with our video review of the hybrid sedan. All of this and more on Green Car Reports.

Is the third time a charm for Honda's Insight nameplate? The 2019 Insight makes a strong case.

The NHTSA ordered the manufacturer of the Autopilot Buddy to cease and desist selling the device designed to defeat safety warnings on Tesla's Autopilot system. The agency called it a danger to road users.

Colorado will join the 13 states that follow California's stricter auto-emissions rules, the governor ordered. The new regulations will go into effect by 2025.

Not only has Green Car Reports conducted an initial gas-mileage review of the 2019 Honda Insight, but we also have a video review of Honda's new hybrid sedan.

Finally, Jaguar has broken the speed record for electric boats, perhaps in an effort to promote its new line of electric cars. Our sister site, The Car Connection, has a full comparison review of Jaguar's new electric I-Pace SUV against its chief competitor, the Tesla Model X 75D.


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