Today, General Motors has a new 9-speed automatic transmission that may boost fuel efficiency, Chinese startup NextEV will offer an electric SUV under its Nio brand, and a city in Finland is making a bid for the next Tesla "gigafactory." All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Find out why one Finnish city thinks it's ideal for the next Tesla "gigafactory."

General Motors will offer a new 9-speed automatic transmission in certain Chevrolet models, promising fuel-efficiency improvements of up to 2 percent over the 6-speed automatic it replaces.

Chinese startup NextEV will offer an electric SUV with Tesla Model X performance at "Toyota cost," a co-founder claims.

The German government is now worried that local automakers won't be able to meet anticipated growth in demand for electric cars.

Talk about a bolt from the blue: Canada's first three Chevrolet Bolt EV electric cars were registered in October, no doubt for media test-drives and dealership training ahead of the 238-mile electric car's Canadian launch.

Following the election of Donald Trump, dealership chain AutoNation has reneged on its promise to fix all recalled cars on its lots.

Finally, check out the small, autonomous electric concept car Honda plans to unveil at CES in January.


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