Today, we have the potential cost of Volkswagen diesel buybacks, a possible new Hyundai fuel-cell SUV, and a rumor that the Tesla Model S electric car is due for a redesign. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Check out a teaser video of the long-range electric Volkswagen Bus concept that will debut at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Will Tesla redesign the Model S to commonize it with the recently--unveiled Model X crossover? There's a rumor that such a redesign may be in the works.

Green Car Reports wouldn't be where it is today without enthusiastic readers, and it's in that vein that we decided to designate a "Best Reader of the Year."

The U.K. extends a grant program for green cars to 2018, hoping to double the number of buyers receiving grants.

Hyundai will launch a 400-mile hydrogen fuel-cell SUV on a dedicated platform by 2020, a new report says.

How much will it cost Volkswagen to buy back or modify diesel cars equipped with "defeat device" software? Potentially billions, according to one report.

See the Ford patent that could transform your car into a unicycle.

Finally, a new small crossover called the Audi Q2 is confirmed in a production outline released by the German carmaker.


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