Today, new legislation allows Tesla to sell electric cars directly to customers in New Jersey, high SUV sales may affect 2025 gas-mileage rules, and a new report claims green "alternative-power" vehicles dropped out of the top 10 new-vehicle categories in 2014. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

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Tesla wins one in New Jersey as Governor Chris Christie signs a bill legalizing direct sales of electric cars.

With that, check out the updated state-by-state map of where Tesla can legally sell cars directly to you.

A recent survey of new-vehicle registrations found that green "alternative-power" models slipped out of the top 10 vehicle categories in 2014.

The first Newport Convertible Engineering Tesla Model S convertible turns up for sale... on eBay.

Find out why new gas-mileage rules set to take effect between 2021 and 2025 could be lowered if SUV sales remain strong.

In the wake of 2014's massive recalls, a new Congressional bill would force owners to get recalled vehicles repaired, but is that even legal?

Despite slow sales, a successor to the current Honda CR-Z is reportedly in the works, with a new hybrid powertrain based around a turbocharged gasoline engine.


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