Interested in the powertrain technology in the 2016 Volt? Or the performance potential in electric cars? Of course you are.

This is our video look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending on Friday, February 27, 2015.

If you think pure electric cars DO have a lot of performance potential, well, you’re right; and two all-electric models we covered late this week are shaping up to be an affirmation of that. Audi revealed first details for the all-electric R8 e-tron sports car.

And we got to see (and hear) the Rimac electric supercar in action, on the track.

And if that wasn’t talk of power and speed, we pondered how fast the Tesla Model S P85D might go if CEO Elon Musk allowed his engineers to remove that model’s speed limiter.

We know it can beat the gas-guzzling Dodge SRT Hellcat in a standing-start race, but can it beat that model’s top speed, too?

Over on the practical side, Consumer Reports named the Tesla Model S its best overall pick for the second consecutive year. The organization noted that buyers are more satisfied with them than with any other model on the market, including electric, gasoline, or diesel.

On a separate note, we noted earlier in the week that Tesla is building its first combination showroom, service center, and solar-supplemented charging station. Is it just a test, or the start of a new single-location strategy?

And there were some important energy-related questions and issues in the headlines this week. A new Senate bill proposes ending the ethanol mandate that’s required increasing amounts of ethanol, mostly from corn, to be blended into our gasoline.

And is there new hope in using old nuclear waste for power generation?

Meanwhile, plunging gas prices aren’t taking the expected toll on green-car sales; it seems that this time consumers are a little more wary of an eventual increase, and keeping fuel efficiency a priority.

That said, Ford is hiking incentives on remaining 2014 C-Max Hybrid and Energi models, if you’re interested. And if you’re holding out for the Mazda 6 diesel, it might be time to go get something else in the meantime; we brought more details of exactly why that model’s been delayed for so long.

If you’re a geek—hey, you read our site—you’re probably going to be interested in what we posted mid-week: a deep dive into how the powertrain in the 2016 Chevy Volt works...and what makes it different versus the current first-generation Volt.

Could we use cloud connectivity and traffic-pattern prediction with a navigation system to help drivers get better gas mileage? One such system, from a major automotive supplier, aims to do that.

And back last weekend, we offered some predictive-traffic advice you probably don't want to follow—as we told you how you can get flamed, moderated, or all-out banned in comments on Green Car Reports.

But we know you're all tree-hugging peaceniks, so...just...have a groovy week.


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