Today on Green Car Reports: A Mercedes does over 1,000 miles on a tank of diesel, why workplace charging could be a way to sell more electric cars, and the next-gen Prius faces delays. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We all know hybrids and diesels are economical, but it's still impressive to see a European-market diesel-hybrid Mercedes doing over 1,200 miles on a tank of diesel, at over 60 mpg.

Is workplace charging the best way of encouraging more people into electric cars? It could certainly help.

Toyota's next-generation Prius has been delayed, by up to six months. It's now looking more like a 2016 release, than the planned late-2015.

More Mercedes news: The German firm and Infiniti both plan to build their next-generation compact cars in Mexico.

Chinese-owned British sports car company MG is slowly getting its mojo back--this time, it's designed a 200-horsepower subcompact and seeking feedback...

Finally, it's advice on the question many ask when buying a new car: Do you still have to break in the engine, like you did on older cars?


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