Lithium-ion batteries are the hearts of modern electric cars, but could this battery chemistry have other automotive uses?

Juno Power has applied lithium-ion technology to a different type of car battery.

The Jumpr is a jump-starting pack that Juno Power says is the world's "most portable."

With a weight of just 7 ounces, it's hard to argue with that claim. Unlike conventional jump-start packs--which can weigh 20 pounds or more--the Jumpr isn't much larger than a smartphone.

Jumpr lithium-ion jump-starting pack

Jumpr lithium-ion jump-starting pack

Juno Power says the battery's lithium polymer cells allow for a thinner, more compact design that is easier to stow and move than conventional jump-start packs.

The Jumpr produces the 12 volts of power necessary to work with standard automotive electrical systems.

It also features USB 5-volt 2.1A output for charging smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Juno Power says its peak output of 300 amps is enough to jump start most four- and six-cylinder engines, although the amount of electricity needed depends on the model.

When the device runs out of power itself, it can be charged via USB or through a car's cigarette lighter, similar to a cell phone.

Drivers can order the Jumpr from Juno Power's website for $69.99. The purchase price includes jumper cables, and USB and 12-volt adapter charging cables.

Since the Jumpr is still in its "pre-sale" phase, it may be some time before real-world testimonials from customers confirm its effectiveness.

Juno says orders taken through April 23 will ship in May. Any subsequent orders will ship by June 5.


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