The Tokyo Motor Show is now well underway, but before doors opened to press and public we were allowed a sneak preview of one of its stars.

Nissan's BladeGlider Concept is one of the most striking electric vehicles we've seen in years, and one of the most exciting too--and we can now, via Motor Authority, bring you a full photo gallery.

In a world where many drivers are either completely unaware of the benefits of electric cars or highly suspicious of them, cars like the BladeGlider can help raise their profile--and make them seem much more desirable.

Inspired by Nissan's work on the DeltaWing and ZEOD RC endurance racing vehicles, the BladeGlider throws convention out of the window. The three-seat layout puts the driver ahead of both passengers--echoing the unusual layout of the front and rear wheels.

It still has the full set of four wheels, but the delta layout actually has practical benefits--borne out by the DeltaWing race car's impressive pace next to more conventional vehicles on the track.

Perfectly matched aerodynamic properties, weight on the front tires and tire surface area ensures the balance front to rear is evenly spread--yet much more stable than conventional designs in high-speed turns.

Then there's the electric drivetrain, central to the BladeGlider's appeal. It'll provide the instant torque needed to ensure the car is truly exciting, and of course--a healthy set of green credentials too.

The best news is that Nissan hasn't ruled out actually producing a car inspired by the BladeGlider. It could be the perfect complement for more humble electric cars like the Leaf.

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