Apparently, women like miles per gallon more than horsepower.

A British survey finds that women are more attracted to men with green cars, Mother Nature Network reports.

A total of 2,000 adults from the United Kingdom were surveyed. Of that number, the majority of women viewed Toyota Prius hybrid and Nissan Leaf electric car owners as "conscientious" and "intelligent."

They also felt green-car owners were more likely to be safe drivers.

In contrast, 53 percent of women surveyed viewed the owners of expensive sports cars as "arrogant," while 44 percent found them "self-centered."

As if that wasn't enough, 38 percent said male sports car owners were "a danger on the roads."

That's an inconvenient truth for sports car-driving men, 48 percent of which thought buying an expensive car made them "more attractive to the opposite sex."

This may be difficult for a man trying to rationalize the purchase of a Ferrari to accept, but it's not entirely surprising.

Twin-turbocharged 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider by Hennessey Performance

Twin-turbocharged 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider by Hennessey Performance

While electric cars haven't truly taken on gender stereotypes, women are now buying one-third of all Nissan Leaf electric cars sold.

We're not sure where that leaves the Tesla Model S, which is both expensive--a turn off, according to the survey--and green.

A recent survey showed that Tesla has a higher percentage of male buyers than the average luxury brand, and that men love their Model S electric cars more than owners of other luxury vehicles.

Interestingly, the men and women were in agreement when it came to SUVs.

Despite the stereotypical male obsession with big vehicles, 34 percent of men referred to SUVs as "mean-spirited," while 29 percent of women called them "rude."

Fuel economy may be a more important factor now than it was in the glory days of Hummer and the Ford Excursion. Will plug-in cars fill the cultural void they left behind? Are green cars becoming desirable, as well as practical?

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