It's Earth Day today, and if you're intending to roll it out a little, Earth Week all this week.

To coincide with a week where we're all encouraged to do just a little more to consider the environment, charging station network ChargePoint is giving away free charging cards for simply filling in a form.

It's open to any electric car driver in the U.S. and Canada and you've got until Thursday, April 25 to claim your card.

You won't get it in time for Earth Week itself--delivery is expected to take around 6 weeks--but it's a good chance to get hold of an extra card, which normally costs $4.95. A $25 deposit is also normally required when setting up a new card.

Other than that, the Earth Day card will be as simple to use as any other ChargePoint card, with no membership fee and automatic fee payment at compatible stations with a simple swipe of the card.

You can also download the company's app allowing you to locate and reserve stations, as well as receiving charging information and monitoring your account and usage.

To claim your free ChargePoint card, head over to the Earth Week promotion page.


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