Would you drive less if it meant getting the gas you did use for free?

We suspect most people would answer yes if they could, and that's the premise behind the Shuttle Challenge, running in Toronto until May 3.

The Shuttle Challenge (via Autoblog Green) asks registered users to track their baseline impact from car use using a provided data logger, measuring regular journeys over the course of two weeks.

Drivers then complete an online survey and can track their driving impact online. An Eco Driver Training class helps drivers make the most of their trips, which is where the challenge comes in.

Compared to the measured baseline, drivers are asked to drive 10 percent less, and 10 percent more efficiently over the next two weeks. How would you drive less? Maybe take the bus, walk, or simply not make unnecessary journeys.

Drivers can enter this data on their profile, and chat to other users doing similar. After a final survey you send the data logger back.

Everyone who enters gets a $25 gas card for their troubles--helping make that next fill a little cheaper.

Drivers who also managed to beat each 10 percent improvement target get another $25 card, as well as entry into a draw to win $1,000.

The Summerhill Group estimates that if only 10 percent of Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton Area drivers participated in Shuttle, it would result in a 64,000-ton reduction in greenhouse gases--as well as reduce traffic and accident rates. Any improvement is welcome at the moment, particularly as electric car sales are remaining low in the country.

You can find more details on the Shuttle Challenge on the official website.


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