The Better Place battery swapping saga continues, as partner Renault has delayed the roll-out off its electric Fluence sedan.

Renault Australia announced the indefinite postponement, as it waits for Better Place to establish a broader and more practically viable network of swapping stations.

Car Advice reports that Australia's battery-swapping service was set to roll out during 2012, but hold-ups in the company's home markets of Israel and Denmark have backed up the Australian introduction.

That could mean delays of another six to 12 months down under.

Spokeswoman Felicity Glennie-Holmes admitted the initial date, 12-18 months behind the other services, was "ambitious".

She attributes some of the delays to unexpected issues with some aspects of the roll-out, but promises "good coverage across the metropolitan areas" once the service is up and running.

Renault has described the delays as disappointing, but says it remains committed to Better Place and the battery-swapping concept.

The car is now expected to launch in the second half of 2013, with full Australian availability in 2014.


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