BMW has been building diesel cars since the 1980s, but only a handful have ever made it as far as the U.S.

Those that have, such as the BMW 335d sold a few years back, have been well received--so the news that BMW is bringing six more diesel models to the U.S. over the next few years will be music to the ears of many.

Images from a BMW North America meeting (via Bimmerpost) show six new diesel models and arrival dates for each.

First to hit the U.S. will be a diesel 3-Series sedan, arriving in the first half of 2013. A diesel 3-Series Sport Wagon will follow in the second half, and a 5-Series diesel in the third quarter of 2013.

Those will be joined by an X5 diesel in late 2013, and a 7-Series and X3 diesel in the first half of 2014.

The cars will go head-to-head with an increasing number of diesel models from other carmakers, notably BMW's biggest rival, Mercedes-Benz.

It's unclear exactly which engines will be used in each car, but BMW has previously announced the U.S. market would get a 180-horsepower four-cylinder turbodiesel, and a 255-hp six-cylinder. The smaller unit is most likely to see service in the 3-Series models.

With the imminent arrival of some of the models, expect more details on BMW's new diesel range soon.

[Hat tip to Cameron]


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