It's only a matter of days now before the 2012 Geneva Motor Show opens to the press on March 6, and we'll be there to cover all the greenest new metal from the show floor.

In the meantime, we've compiled a list of some new faces and more familiar shapes, all of which have one thing in common - a plug.

Whether all-electric, range-extended or plug-in hybrid, Geneva 2012 is looking even more green-focused than last year's show - so here's what you can expect.

Concept cars

Hyundai i-oniq concept
The i-oniq concept was only revealed today, a sign of just how close to the show news can break. A sporty coupe-like hatchback, the i-oniq is a range-extended electric car, with a 1.0-liter engine providing backup to the batteries for a total range of over 430 miles.

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept
Emerg-ing from the ether come leaked images of Infiniti's plug-in sports car concept - and with looks like that, the Emerg-E Concept could be one of the show's stars, just like the Acura NSX was at Detroit. We don't know many more details yet, but more will be revealed at the show. Stay tuned.

Pininfarina Cambiano Concept
More pictures of Pininfarina's Cambiano Concept were leaked just a few days ago, and also some drivetrain details. The sleek vehicle uses a plug-in diesel hybrid drivetrain, with motors in each wheel and power derived from either batteries or a diesel turbine generator. The Cambiano is named after Pininfarina's home town.

Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept
Rinspeed hasn't broken with tradition on its latest concept - it's still all different kinds of crazy. However, it does have some neat touches - the docking system, which attaches to a Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, provides additional range when needed, to make those longer journeys more feasible.

Production cars

The Morgan E+ Concept. Image: Morgan Motor Company

The Morgan E+ Concept. Image: Morgan Motor Company

Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid
While the touted plug-in hybrid version hasn't been confirmed as on display, the new Outlander will feature such a model in the range and displays very similar styling to the PX-MiEV II concept that's visited a few recent shows. Mitsubishi clearly isn't just concentrating on its tiny "i".

Morgan Plus E
Morgan is a revitalised company - from its humble base in Worcestershire, England, it still makes cars the traditional way, but its product lineup is increasingly exciting - and as the Plus E shows, forward-thinking too. And it's sitting in our production car list, as Morgan says that if there's enough demand, it'll get built.

Nissan eNV200 electric van
Though not new to the motor show stands, the e-NV200 van makes its European debut at Geneva - and after Nissan's absence from Frankfurt, it'll be good to see the e-NV200 joining a similarly-colored Leaf on the maker's stand. The two vehicles share the same electric drivetrain.

Toyota Prius Plug-In
Another car we've seen before and not even new to Europe, but as the plug-in Prius launches soon it's still a very significant vehicle and it's sure to get a bit of attention at Geneva, with the show's green focus. It should do over 10 miles on EV mode alone, perfect for those short commutes and even better for reducing city-center pollution levels.

For more information from the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, head over to our dedicated show page.


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