Mitsubishi has picked this year's Geneva Motor Show in March to launch its new Outlander SUV.

The all-new Outlander takes cues from the PX-MiEV concept seen at recent shows, and Mitsubishi says its fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas figures are among the best in its class.

Better still should be the plug-in model, due during the 2012 fiscal year. This will be a plug-in hybrid model rather than an all-electric, similar to the PX-MiEV II concept revealed at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show.

The company says that the vehicle will use elements derived from its pre-existing EV technology. The PX-MiEV concept was all-wheel drive, and was able to operate as both a series and a parallel hybrid, depending on driving conditions. Range of the concept was said to be around 500 miles.

European market Outlanders will get a choice of 2.0-liter gasoline or 2.2-liter turbo diesel engines, the latter of which promises to be very efficient.

Mitsubishi has concentrated on making the new Outlander lighter than the outgoing model, with improved aerodynamics. An "eco-friendly driving system" will ensure the driver is assisted in achieving maximum efficiency to aid fuel consumption.

We'll bring you more on the Plug-in hybrid Outlander from the Geneva Motor Show, which begins March 6. Head to our Geneva show guide to find out more.


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