It’s no secret that the NYPD has a fleet of twenty 2011 Chevrolet Volts which help civilian traffic enforcement agents carry out duties throughout the city of New York, but now the Chevrolet Volt’s European sibling is proving popular with law enforcement agencies in the U.K. 

In a recent Intelligent Transport Systems competition run by the Association of Chief Police Officers -- the U.K. equivalent of superintendents -- a 2012 Vauxhall Ampera (Chevrolet Volt) won top place for its crime-fighting potential. 

Just like the NYPD Volts however, the British police-issue Ampera isn’t stock. 

2011 Chevrolet Volt joins NYPD Fleet

2011 Chevrolet Volt joins NYPD Fleet

Fitted with additional computer equipment to enable law enforcement officers to connect directly to police databases, the plug-in hybrid cop car also includes all-round cameras for evidence gathering and dual screens to enable either passenger or front passenger to operate the police equipment. 

And of course, its own flashing lights and police-issue siren.

With a top speed of 100 mph and a 0-60 time of nearly 9 seconds, the cop cars certainly won’t be doing any high-speed pursuits on freeways. 

But it is likely to prove popular with police forces in congested city centers, where its all-electric operation both enables it to sneak up on unsuspecting criminals and reduce the fuel costs of the local force. 


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