Chevrolet's Sonic subcompact is many things. Small. Fun to drive. Economical too, with its 40 mpg highway rating.

It's also a rather good musical instrument, as it turns out. Or at least, the accompaniment to over 1,000 genuine musical instruments, in the music video for indie rock band OK Go's new single, Needing/Getting.

OK Go has developed quite a reputation for innovative music videos - their hit Here It Goes Again involved the four band members using treadmills for an incredible choreographed routine - but with a little help from Chevrolet, Needing/Getting is their most ambitious video yet.

With over a thousand musical instruments and obstacles set over two miles of desert outside Los Angeles, the band uses retractable pneumatic arms controlled from inside the car, to play them as they drive past.

It's perhaps more percussive than musical, but also hugely entertaining and totally unique.

The Sonic itself plays a part, of course. As well as providing a four-cylinder backing sound to the whole video, the slamming of a back door starts the beat, and it houses all four band members as they operate the swinging arms to strike each instrument they pass.

So when one of your friends tells you they're getting a Sonic, you can remind them that it's not just a fun, economical subcompact, but a rock star too. Certainly makes a change from rappers talking about Cadillacs...


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