Strewth. The halls in Detroit are still buzzing with the world's press, and Infiniti is already teasing us with a car it's set to display at March's Geneva Motor Show.

It's not just any old car though - Infiniti has plans to unveil an electric range-extended sports car concept, a year after parent Nissan brought us the stunning all-electric ESFLOW concept at the same show.

Should you be excited?

Yes and no. Yes, because from the teaser images its styling is giving us all the right signs. Wide rear haunches, slim head and tail lights and some large wheels all look promising. Yes also, because those same smooth details could be finding their way into a future Infiniti.

So too could the powertrain, which in this concept is placed amidships in true supercar style. It can provide zero local emissions in city driving, with potential for greater range outside city limits.

Reasons to be less excited include its production viability, which is as-yet undecided.

Infiniti is certainly looking towards plug-in drivetrains and has been hinting at an electric sports car for some time, but we're more likely to see them in regular sedans than sports cars.

That is of course, unless Infiniti decides to compete with BMW's i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. Here's hoping...


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