In an effort to meet future fuel economy requirements, more manufacturers than ever are considering selling diesel models in North America.

The next carmaker considering diesel sales could well be British sports and luxury car maker Jaguar.

According to Motor Authority, a British-registered, right-hand drive Jaguar XF 2.2 Diesel departed New York City yesterday, marking the start of a seven-day, 2,800 mile tour across the country to Los Angeles.

The cross-country tour will be the second long-distance run from British brothers David and Alexander Madgwick, who've previously taken the same car over 816 miles across Europe on a single tank of diesel.

Equipped with a four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine and 8-speed automatic gearbox, the XF 2.2 diesel achieves 52.3 miles per imperial gallon on the combined European cycle, or 43.5 mpg in U.S. gallons. As ever, it's worth noting that European figures can be between 10-20 percent higher than EPA figures, model-for-model.

Despite being the base-model XF it still offers reasonable performance too, with 60 mph arriving in 8 seconds and a 140 mph top speed.

Jaguar says the journey will help them test the capabilities of the XF, though it's sure to create a promotional whirlwind too, perhaps preceding a U.S. launch further down the line.

You can follow the Jaguar duo's progress via the company's Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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