In automotive news the electric car is like the sci-fi section of a bookstore—full of technological advances and experiences that some might think were alien. That said, Nissan is trying to put their all-electric, zero-emissions LEAF in a new light. The latest round of commercials from Nissan are set in a “Gas Powered” world to show what life could be like in an alternate universe where electricity didn’t exist. The results are pretty comical, if not pretty out on a limb.

The new television, print and Internet advertising are set to air on Monday, May 30, 2011. According to reports and the YouTube clips (see below) the new commercials take light jabs at the Chevrolet Volt. You might think that this is in bad taste and everyone is entitled to an opinion. However, Nissan says that they aren’t doing it to be mean, but rather to educate the consumer. Jon Brancheau, Nissan’s vice president of marketing, said that the spots are intended to drive home the differences between gasoline hybrid vehicles and the all-electric format of the Nissan LEAF.

What do the sales figures say you ask? In the first four months of 2011, the Volt edged out the LEAF in sales 1,703 to 1,025. However, the interesting part about this is that it means this so called “range anxiety” wasn’t a factor for over 1,000 buyers. I think once consumers can experience the LEAF, know that there is a charge infrastructure and adapt to new driving habits the electric will start to surge past the gasoline hybrid vehicles. The real truth is that there is a market for both and will most likely continue to be for some time.





[Source: Automotive News]