A little under two weeks ago Japan was hit by one of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded.  Measuring in at 9.0 on the richter scale and causing a devastating tsunami which killed tens of thousands and lay waste to hundreds of miles of coastline, Japan is still in an advance state of emergency. 

Yet even now production is commencing at factories nationwide as the Japanese auto industry attempts to regain a semblance of normality amidst the chaos. 

Nissan, maker of the five seat all electric hatchback Leaf has fared better than some of its competitors in Japan.  While many of its factories and port-side facilities suffered varying amounts of damage in the mid-March earthquake, it has announced production will resume at more of its factories in the next week. 

But it warns that while it currently has enough supplies to stain production lines for both cars and parts the firm’s production output will not reach full capacity until mid to late summer. 

Nissan is also at the mercy of its supply chain and “just in time” 

Last weekend, Nissan wrote to those on the U.S. reservation list for the 2011 Nissan Leaf warning that a delay on the scheduled delivery dates was unavoidable due to the devastation caused on March 11.  

On the other side of the Atlantic ocean however, U.K. Nissan Leaf customers are being assured that those who have pre-ordered a car should not be subject to delays. 

2011 Nissan Leaf UK Launch

2011 Nissan Leaf UK Launch

Official deliveries started in the U.K. this week and Nissan Europe has just announced that another 350 cars has arrived at port, accounting for well over half of the Leafs assigned to the U.K. for 2011/12.

Although delays to U.S. deliveries are unfortunate, they are completely unavoidable and we hope those who are waiting will remember those who have lost far more than a delivery date on March 11. 

If you’d like to consider donating to the earthquake and tsunami aid appeals, please do so at the Red Cross Appeal page