A few months ago the SAE announced standards for charging electric vehicles.  The standards were long overdue, but automakers finally have a charging standard to build their plug-in vehicles to.  Now that the plug end is standardized and automakers are making vehicles to the new SAE J-1772 standard, companies are stepping forward with home charging units that follow the guidelines set forth.

ClipperCreek is one of the first companies catering to the home user.  They are now taking orders for the CS-40 home charging unit.  The CS-40 is built here in the U.S. and connects directly to a 208 to 240 volt line feed.  The 7kW unit outputs 32 amps, which should be sufficient to charge most EVs in a few hours.

Aside from home units, ClipperCreek has deals with many automakers including Tesla, BMW, GM, Mercedes and Nissan.

The CS-40 charger is also ideal for business owners looking for a cheap charger to install for its customer base.  The unit will retail for around $3,000, which makes it affordable enough for many small businesses to consider.

Source:  ClipperCreek