Here we go again.  It seems like just awhile back we wrote an article bidding Bob Lutz farewell.  Oh wait, we did write an article wishing our goodbyes.  Well as you all likely know, Mr. Lutz returned after a short hiatus to help out the then struggling GM get back on its feet.  Now, we considering writing another piece wishing him farewell yet again.

Bob Lutz will, as he stated, will depart ways with GM and retire effective on May 1st.  Like Brett Favre's retirement and eventual return to the sport of football, we are not quite sure what to make of Lutz leaving the automotive industry, yet again.

Lutz had said that he will stay with the company until one of his proudest achievements, the Chevy Volt, makes it to the market.  But the Volt is not scheduled for release until many months after Lutz leaves the company.

As Lutz told the AP, GM is now stable and well on its way to success so he feels confident that he can leave the company and officially retire.  His words assume that GM would have failed without his guidance through their difficult times, but that is surely hard to believe.

So here's a goodbye to Mr. Lutz, we are sure to see him again from time and time and we can almost guarantee that he will be around in some capacity when the Volt is launched this fall.  Is this the true end for Mr. Lutz?  Who knows.

Source:  AP