Next month, the Toyota Auris Hybrid Synergy Drive will make its official debut at the Geneva Auto Show.  The UK built vehicle is but one of many additional hybrid offerings expected from Toyota in the coming years.

The Auris Hybrid is considered a key step in Toyota's overall hybrid strategy.  This strategy include releasing a hybrid version of every model within its existing lineup by 2020.  An additional key element of their strategy is to sell 1 million hybrids per year starting in 2011.

To reach their goals, Toyota has shifted production in the European market.  they have turned from diesel options and will instead focus predominantly on hybrid variants.  As Toyota of Europe CEO Tadashi Arashima said in regards to hybrid production in Europe, "(hybrids will) become more accessible to a wider range of customers."

The Auris Hybrid will be built in England about 120 miles north of the capital.  The Auris will become the first European built Toyota hybrid product when it goes on sale in Europe later this summer.

Toyota's expansion of hybrid products in evident.  Along with the addition of hybrid production in England, the company also added Australia as a production center for hybrid vehicles earlier this year.  Expanding capabilities should position Toyota to reach their hybrids strategy goals soon.