Fresh on the heels of an announcement that AutoPort is partnering with AC Propulsion to convert vehicles for evaluation by the United States Postal Service (USPS), AutoPort is now announcing that they are first to license vehicle to grid (V2G) technology developed at the University of Delaware.  This agreement grants AutoPort non-exclusive rights to this technology in the area of commercial fleet vehicles. 

“AutoPort is excited to be the first company in the world licensed to practice this V2G technology,” said Dick Johnson, the company's director of business development. “We are looking forward to working closer with the University and AC Propulsion to demonstrate the first large-scale V2G project.”

Both the state of Delaware and the federal government are creating policies that support / reward electric vehicle owners who participate in vehicle to grid systems, by passing laws which regulate such systems and provide a premium for the power they provide.  Most significantly, the USPS will receive vehicles utilizing this technology, and since many vehicles are needed to have any real impact to the grid, the USPS will likely be the test bed for the benefits realized by a V2G system.

Personally, I prefer that government agencies be the first to evaluate / experience their own policies, prior to imposing them on the country.  The direct feedback allows them to honestly assess their policies, and improve them to a point that they become acceptable to the general public.

[Source: Press Release]